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bridgetxgrace [userpic]

wuuud up

April 17th, 2007 (09:10 pm)

current mood: excited
current song: kidd the girl - ashley tisdale

gotta start getting used to this again.

so i went to south lake vs centerline track meet.
meet up with ashur and george.
kind of ditched them for gerry and derrell woops.

idk i've been having major mixed feelings about a lot.
so i gotta get my priorities straight.

only 27 days left of school. eeeeeek.
real life, is starting sooner and sooner.
and its a slap in the face even tho i'm beyond excited
to move on. start a new life. wooooo so exciting.
WMU babyyyy =)

bridgetxgrace [userpic]

remember when

January 3rd, 2007 (03:42 pm)

current mood: sick
current song: ashlee simpson

Remember When..
livejournal was this huge thing; everyone had one.
& we were all friends on it? yeah. that died.

now its myspace, soon to be facebook.

just weird how things die down. and how they change. i hate change. but yet i like it at the same time.

well. i like telling about my life. and i don't care if you read this or not.

is for when i look back in 10 years, i can remember EXACTLY who my friends are, what we did, and how i felt. sure you have the memories, but not in exact detail. so here goes.

YESTERDAY: Up til five on myspace talking to my new forgien friend, joe? i think his name is lol. he's cool. i approve. i slept in til 3.30 then sat around til 5.30. came home, and then sat around some more. awesome.

Then airel calls and says we can go drink over tims. so i shower and get ready. and kat drops us off there. us three + victor [his brother] & danny were there. we payed victor for whats left of his skye vodka, it was good. tim and i had like 3 or 4 shots. it didnt taste bad. but we wernt drunk. so we made vic n danny go get us more. ew. they got some disgusting cheap shit, and ew. took 3 or 4 more shots of that. and an hour later i was in the bathroom puking. wonderful.

i hate puking, especially around people you never drank around before. makes you think you can't hold your liquor, and makes them not want to drink with you. i think the reason why i puked was because i havn't DRANK DRANK, like to get drunk. in a LONG time. and last time i did, i puked also. lol. i just need to build my tolerence back up. and need to stop drinking cheap vodka. or all vodkas. maybe it just doesnt work for me.

well me kat n air went back to my cribb around 4.30 and talked til a little after five. i felt pretty icky, yuck. we all woke up at 11. talked n watched tv. major hangover. yuck. its four, and i JUST ate, and ew. i feel even worse. and not to mention aunt flow just came to visit. double yuck.


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